Hack a Smartphone Remotely Like a Pro in Minutes using AirDroid

Now a days, Use of Smartphones has been increased a lot. Many of the people find it amazing to get whole access of others Smartphone.


So Today I’m going to explain How to Hack a Smartphone Remotely using AirDroid.

Airdroid is an application which enables you to hack Android when it is connected to Internet.

You need the following 

  • Victim’s Phone for 2-5 Mins
  • Internet Connection
  • Airdroid Android App
  • Basic Knowledge about android System

Steps :-

1. Get access to Victim’s phone and install Airdroid Apk in his phone.

2.Hide notifications

Settings – Apps –  Airdroid – Untick Show Notifications

(You can also use notification blocker apps)

3.Open Airdroid app and sign up or sign in

4. Go to Airdroid settings and turn the following features off

  • Show Notifications
  • Notification Sound

5.Hide app from App drawer / launcher

Now Let’s Hack.

6.Open web.airdroid.com in Chrome or any other good Browser

7.Log in to Airdroid account

8.Now you can Access

  • Camera
  • Apps
  • Contacts
  • Notifications
  • Clipboard
  • Calls
  • Files and Folders, etc.


By following all the above steps properly, Anyone can get the full control over the victims phone in just minutes. This would be more easy when you are doing it second time because you don’t need to register on it again and again.

Hope you find it informative. Feel free to ask if any problem occurs in comments.

Note: All contents are provided for educational purposes only. 

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