How To Hack Android Smartphones Remotely using DroidJack To Get Full Access

I have alreday posted about How to Hack Android Phone using Metasploit as you can see how easily anyone can hack android smartphone using metasploit but the whole thing was in Linux and everyone is not used to work on Linux.

So, this post will show you How to hack Android Smartphones in Windows using Droid Jack .The whole process is GUI based and easy.

What is Droid Jack ?


Droid Jack is what you need for that. Droid Jack gives you the power to establish control over your beloveds’ Android devices with an easy to use GUI and all the features you need to monitor them.Droid Jack is a client/server application developed in Java Android for the client side and in Java/Swing for the Server.

NOTE: Here I’m using RAT[remote administration tool] software in windows for educational use ,all devices have been faked.This tutorial is for learning purposes only and should not be used for any illegal activities.It’s only for awareness.Don’t break someone privacy who not belongs to you , i’m not liable for any illegal activity…

Requirements :

  • PC running on Windows and Internet enabled.
  • Required JAVA and Net-framework Installed.

Features of this Android HACK :

  • Get contacts from remote android device.
  • Click snaps using front or back camera.
  • Get real-time pin point location.
  • Record real-time sound by using microphone of android device.
  • and lots more…….

Hack Android using Droid Jack

Step 1 : Download Droid Jack from here .

Step 2 : Now open Droid Jack.jar and create new .apk file form  “ Generate apk ” tab.Now edit fields , here i’m using

App name : stack4

File name : stack4

Dynamic DNS : (lan ip)

Port : 1337 (you can use any port but it should be available or open for listening)

Bind with another apk : Leaving blank.You can bind this apk with another apk like whatsapp , viber , or any other android package.Here i’m not using this feature.

Stealth mode : Leaving blank.You can hide this app from launcher.Make it hidden.

Use custom icon : leaving blank.Use as  desired app icon.


Step 3 :  After successfully generating newly apk. Send it to Android device.


Step 4 : Now Click on ‘ Devices ‘ tab.Enter you port and turn on reception.


Step 5 : Open app in Android device.As soon as you open the app in the device, you can see the connected device in Droid jack device console.

See also : How to root android without PC

Step 6 : Now you have full access over victim device.You grab messages ,call log,pin point location , listen real time calls , access data from file manager and much more .

Known Bugs
Bug: Unable to Fetch Data from Device
Fix: Forward both your chosen port AND port 1334!
Status: Working

For full version software, mail me, or drop your e-mail in comments.

If you have any doubt about your device security ,please feel free to ask.


2 thoughts on “How To Hack Android Smartphones Remotely using DroidJack To Get Full Access”

  1. Thanks sir in advanceed ,
    I’m experience issue when tring to generate APK the below massege apper
    Ooops Something went wrong
    Could you please assist in this .


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