How to use to Find Usernames + Passwords



1. A modern webbrowser and a internet.
2. Time

Method 1: Facebook

We will be using a google dork to find usernames and passwords of many accounts including Facebook!

The Dork: intext:charset_ test= email= default_persist ent=

Enter that into Google, and you will be presented with several sites that have username and passwords lists!

Method 2: WordPress!

This will look for WordPress backup files Which do contain the passwords, and all data for the site!

The Dork: filetype:sql inurl:wp-conten t/backup

Method 3: WWWBoard!

This will look for the user and passwords of WWWBoard users

The Dork: inurl:/ wwwboard/ passwd.txt

Method 4: FrontPage!

This will find all users and passwords, similar to above.

The Dork: ext:pwd inurl:(service | authors | administrators | users)”# -FrontPage-“

Method 5: Symfony

This finds database information and logins

The Dork: inurl:config/ databases.yml -trac -trunk -“Google Code”-source -repository

Method 6: TeamSpeak

This will search for the server.dbs file
(A Sqlite database file With the SuperAdmin username and password)

The Dork: server-dbs”intitle:index of”

Method 7: TeamSpeak 2
This will find the log file which has the Super Admin user and pass in the Top 100 lines. Look for”superadmin account info:”

The Dork: “inurl:Teamspea k2_RC2/ server.log

Method 8: Get Admin pass
Simple dork which looks for all types of admin info

The Dork: “admin account info”filetype:log

Method 9: Private keys
This will find any .pem files which contain private keys.

The Dork: filetype:pem pem intext:private

And the Ultimate one, the regular directory full of passwords.

Method 10: The Dir of Passwords!
Simple one!

The Dork: intitle:”Index of..etc”passwd


Use at your own risk!


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