How To Safely Install Custom Rom On Rooted Android


For rooted android users we are hereabouts with the cool tip’s to Safely Install Custom Rom On Rooted Android. Many of you must have rooted your android device as it is modern and it gives you the comprehensive adminship of your android device. And the reliable thing you can do is you can try many of custom ROM on your android device.

The unfortunate thing that can happen is that your device might get bricked while installing any ROM that contains deadly bugs. So here I will be discussing the ways to cautiously installing custom ROM on your android. So have a glimpse at the complete guide below.

How To Safely Install Custom Rom On Rooted Android

The tip’s that I’m gonna explore will be very profitable to you, Because, you can evade bricking your android device. Moreover, the risk of losing your data will disappear. So have a look at the step by steps guide below.

1. Take Complete Backup Of Your Android Data


First of all, you need to backup all your apps in your android and for this, we suggest you Titanium Backup that will work on rooted android and give you the complete backup of allyour data. Save the backup file on your SD Card.

2. Take Backup Of Your Current Rom


The major thing you have to do is backup your current ROM and this can be best done with the help of either using Clock work mod or using Rom Manager App, this app will automatically backup your Current Rom and then save the Rom Backup File In Your External SD Card.

3. Installing Custom Rom Using Rom Manager App Or Clockworkmod


Now after doing all the above steps proceed with installing the file of your Rom. This can be done by using Clockworkmod or  you can do  thisusing the Rom Manager App which is quite safe.

4. Restore Previous Rom If Your Device Got Bricked


If worst hit your and your device got bricked then do not panic as you are previously ready tobest handle this situation.
Now you can get backto your previous Rom by opening Clockworkmod/ROM Manager app and Restore the backup file from your SD Card.

5. Restoring Apps And Data Using Titanium Backup


Now while installing your custom ROM on your device will make the a factory reset and all your apps will get deleted and have to restore all that using the backup file of titanium backup that you had made in the first step.

As establishing all new custom ROMs with new looksand interface is fashionable, but you might come across the risk of losing data and getting your device bricked managing some simple steps discussed above. Share it with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.


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