Free Calls with VoIP smartphone apps

VoIP is an acronym that stands for Voice over-Internet Protocol. This form of technology allows someone to make free or cheap calls using their smartphones, but instead of using the mobile operator network, they place the call over the internet.
The advantage of VoIP technology is that it is cheaper to transmit any calls or text messages via the internet, since transmitting data via the internet is cheaper than to use satellite services or normal phone lines.
This allows VoIP providers to offer previously expensive services at a much cheaper rate than traditional phone operators. To use VoIP on your smartphone you should have access to internet either by connecting to Wi-Fi network or the data network of the mobile operator. You would need at least a monthly data plan of around 4-5GB, since VoIP technology uses a lot of traffic.
You would also be required to have a mobile VoIP app installed on your phone. There are several specialist companies that have developed software and technology that allows it to be used without expensive hardware. Some of the most popular are:

Skype allows free conversations and texts between users via handsets and personal computers.

Vonage offer VoIP calls to their customers via existing broadband connections, through PC or smartphones.

Rebtel also offer a complete range of VoIP services and in addition they offer a range of apps freely downloadable from their site for Android, Blackberry and iPhone.

To make VoIP calls you would have to register with one of the companies above. After adding your friends or family to your contact list, they would have to install the same provider as you on their phones.
As soon as they are registered you are able to make calls in the same way as you would be using traditional means.
Mobile VoIP technology is one of the most useful smartphone features that allows users to make free or at least cheap calls.
Now a days many applications are present on internet,some of these are mentioned above.
Enjoy free calling!!!!


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