Skype Password Recovery




Skype Password Recovery is the free software to help you recover your lost or forgotten login password from Skype messenger.

Skype is the popular software for audio/video chatting and video conferencing over internet. Like most softwares, Skype also stores the login password in a very secure way in its protected storage on local system.

In case you have lost or forgotten this password then ‘Skype Password Recovery’ can help you to easily recover it. Also it can be a handy tool for penetration testers and forensic investigators to recover the Skype password from target computer.

It features fast dictionary based recovery method which makes it simple and easier. By default small dictionary file is included but you can find good collection of password dictionaries (also called wordlist) here &here

In addition to this, you can also use use tools like CrunchCupp to generate custom or brute-force based password list file and then use it with this software.

Note: Skype Password Recovery is not hacking or cracking tool as it can only help you to recover your own lost Skype password that is previously stored on your system.

It is fully portable and works on both 32-bit & 64-bit platforms starting with Windows XP to Windows 8.


  • Free tool to recover your Lost Skype Password
  • Fast memory mapped Dictionary based recovery method
  • On start, it tries to find & displays the default Skype username
  • Auto dumps & decrypts the password hash from Skype Protected Storage
  • Displays detailed statistics during password recovery operation
  • Stop the password recovery operation any time
  • Easy to use with simple GUI interface for anyone
  • Useful for Penetration testers and Forensic Investigators
  • Generate Password Recovery report in HTML/XML/TEXT file
  • Fully Portable, does not require JAVA, .NET or any third party components
  • Includes Installer for local Installation & Uninstallation


How to use?

It is very easy to use tool for any generation of users.

Here are simple steps

  • Launch Skype Password Recovery on your system after installation.
  • It will auto detect the default Skype username. You can also manually enter the same in case it is different.
  • Next enter the password dictionary file. You will find one within the installation folder.
  • Now click on ‘Start Recovery’ button to begin the Recovery operation
  • During the operation, you will see all statistics being displayed on the screen as shown below.
  • On success, message box will be displayed with the Found Password.
  • At the end, you can generate detailed report in HTML/XML/Text format by clicking on ‘Report’ button and then select the type of file from the drop down box of ‘Save File Dialog’.


Screenshot 1: Skype Password Recovery is showing the recovered Skype Password


Screenshot 2: Skype Password Recovery report generated by SkypePasswordRecovery



FREE Download Skype Password Recovery v1.5 

License  : Freeware
Platform : Windows XP, 2003, Vista,


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