Damaged boot files in Windows XP prevent the operating system from starting in Normal Mode, although you may be able to access Safe Mode. If you are able to enter Safe Mode, try to copy damaged boot files or to modify the boot.ini while in Safe Mode by inserting the Windows XP installation disk and copying files from the disk to your hard drive. If you cannot reach Safe Mode, you will need to initiate repairs through the Windows XP Recovery Console. You will need to know which files you need to replace and their exact file names.

Instructions :-

Things You’ll Need:

* Windows XP installation disk
* Administrator access

1. Use the XP Recovery Console

2. Insert the Windows XP installation disk.

3. Restart the computer.

4. Press the required key to boot from the CD, if required.

5. Press the “R” key to repair your Windows XP boot files.

6. Select which version of Windows XP you wish to repair, if applicable.

7. Enter you administrator’s password, if applicable.

8. Type “dir d:” to access the Windows XP installation disk directory. Where d: is XP install.. disk drive

Type “copy d:\i386\ntldr” to copy the file to the C drive or primary hard-drive partition. You may substitute any Windows boot file for “ntldr.” Press the “Y” button to confirm the overwrite. Enter “exit” when finished.


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