How to create rootkit?

A Rootkit is a program that attempts to hide itself, other files, or computer data so that they cannot be seen on the computer. Rootkits were first created for the Unix operating system where hackers would install a tool set that would replace common operating system files so that the system administrator could not detect their activities. As more advanced techniques were created, rootkits became even more stealthy by installing themselves in such a way that they are able to intercept commands on the operating system so that a user would only be shown what the rootkit wanted the user to see. This includes the ability to make it so files, directories, configuration files, and Windows Registry keys are invisible to a system administrator or user of the machine.

Steps to create rootkits:
1. Download Source code of Rootkit
2. Compile in Real Basic compiler
3. And deploy after Encryption
Note: Good hackers don’t send actual file to target, they send Downloader exe so file size will
be less and file will be always FUD. Even if your main virus file is detectable you can replace on hosting account. Use the following private downloader:
and a Good hacker never send exe to target person, because every person is
aware of exe extension. So hackers use Exploit packs. So we can use PDF, XLS
and Jar files .


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