How to Create BOTNETS

1. First download Source code of Http bot like Spyeye
2. Extract on your Desktop
3. We need Linux hosting where we can upload controller
a. We need to upload “Main” folder to our server (hosting account)
b. Create Database on hosting account and edit access.php file on
main folder and edit the database details.
c. Upload “Form grabber” folder also to server and edit database
4. Create Client infection file using SpyEye ver1.2.exe and mention your
where all Main folder is located and form grabber located
5. Build.exe (Final Bot virus) will be generated
6. Test using Infect your own machines and after Encrypt using Crypters.The SpyEye toolkit is similar to Zeus in a lot of ways. It contains a builder
module for creating the Trojan bot executable with config file and a Web
control panel for command and control (C&C) of a bot net. Some of the
advertised features online are:
Formgrabber (Keylogger)
Autofill credit card modules
Daily email backup
Encrypted config file
Ftp protocol grabber
Pop3 grabber
Http basic access authorization grabber
Zeus killer
SpyEye was written in C++ and the size of the compiled binary is of 60 KB,
the operating systems supported are from Windows 2000 to the recent
Windows 7, it works in ring3 mode (same as Zeus Trojan). It is sold as undetected
from most Antivirus Software and it is invisible from the task managers
and other user-mode applications, it hides the files from the regular
explorer searches and it hides also its registry keys.
SpyEye is actually sold by its author at a price of approximately 500 $ USD
for a base bundle, it is cheaper than the price of Zeus Trojan that is sold formore than 1,000 $ USD, but it looks like to have all the requirements, if not
more, of the famous Zeus Trojan.


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