1. Faceniff:- Faceniff Is An Android App That Allows You To Sniff And Intercept Web Session Profiles Over The Wifi That Your Mobile Is Connected To.

It Is Possible To Hijack Sessions Only When Wifi Is Not Using EAP, But It Should Work Over Any Private Networks (Open/WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK)
It’s Almost Like Firesheep For Android. Maybe A Bit Easier To Use (And It Works On WPA2!).

*Requires Rooted Phone*

Download HERE 

  1. SpoofApp:- Here Is An App That Spies At Heart Could Use – SpoofApp. It Allows You To Use A Fake Caller Id – A Number That You Are Free To Specify Yourself, In Order To Protect Your Privacy Or To Pull A Prank On Someone. Sounds Like Fun, Doesn’t It? Well, Apple Didn’t Think So, Which Is Why It Never Allowed The App To Enter Its App Store. Google, However, Didn’t Mind, Which Is Why Spoofapp Was Available On The Android Market For About Two And A Half Years. However, It Was Banned From There Last Year As It Allegedly Was In Conflict With The Truth In Caller Id Act Of 2009.this Can Be Useful In Social Engineering.

Download HERE

  1. Penetrate Pro:- *Requires Rooted Phone*

Penetrate For Android Maps Network Names And Mac Addresses Into The Default Keys Of Known Routers

Most Of The Times You Scan Wi-fi Networks Available Around, They’re Protected With Key. Penetrate Is An App That Help You Out With That. If The Routers Of That Wi-fi Networks Are Encrypted With WEP/WPA , It Will Bring You The Keys To Access Them. This Seems A Sort Of Cracking, But The Developers Says It Isn’t, Because It’s Supposed To Get The Keys For Penetration Testing And You Should Use It Only With Permission From Network Owners. Well, It Does What It Says. Check The Developer Description To Know Which Routers Are Supported.

Take In Account That If You Have An Antivirus Installed In Your Device, It Will Warn You About This App. The Developer Says It’s Normal Because It’s A Security-Related Tool. Penetrate Isn’t A Danger For Your Phone.

The Paid Version (€1.99) That Contains No Ads, Some More Features And Sponsors Further Development. What’s More, It Allows You To Use 3G To Get The Password Instead Of Using Dictionaries That You Will Have To Download In The Free Version.

Penetrate Works Properly With The Range Of Routers Supported. We’re Missing More Though. Despite The Apparent Use For Which It Was Developed This Application, We All Know The “Regular” Use. And If You’re Looking For It, Give It A Chance. It’s A Great App.

Download HERE

  1. Android Network Toolkit (By Zimperium):-Not For Noobs.

A Set of Pen Testing Tools Designed Specially For Mobile Devices.

Download HERE

  1. Wifikill:- *Requires Rooted Phone*

This App Will Kick Other Devices Off A Wi-fi Network , Basically Programmed To Increase Your Bandwidth Speed By Kicking All The Connected Devices Slowing Down Your Internet Speed.Very Useful Tool.I Have Been Using This App for More Than A Year.Works Flawlessly.Must Try.

Download HERE

  1. Wifi Analyzer:- Turns Your Android Phone Into A Wi-fi Analyzer.

Shows The Wi-fi Channels Around You. Helps You To Find A Less Crowded Channel For Your Wireless Router.

Download From Google Play Store

  1. Nmap/Android:- Network Mapper , Best For Network Scanning Among All The Available Network Scanners Available For Android. Nmap Gives The Entire Information Of The IP Address And Website. Nmap Works On Both Rooted And Non Rooted Phones. On Non Rooted Phones You Will Be Limited To Functions Which Are Possible As Non-Root User (i.e. No OS Fingerprinting, SYN Scan, Etc).

Download HERE

  1. AnDOSid :- AnDOSid Is Designed For Security Professionals Only!

AnDOSid Is Application Which Is Used For Dos Attacks From Android Mobile Phones.

AnDOSid Tag’s Posts With Two Unique Numbers Which Relate To The Android Device That Sent The Request. AnDOSid Allows Security Professionals To Simulate A DOS Attack (a Http Post Flood Attack To Be Exact) And Of Course A DDOS On A Web Server, From Mobile Phones.

Download From Google Play Store

  1. SSHDroid:- Android Secure Shell

Secure Shell Or SSH Is The Best Protocol That Provides An Extra Layer Of Security While You Are Connecting With Your Remote Machine.SSHDroid Is A SSH Server Implementation For Android.

This Application Will Let You Connect To Your Device From A Pc And Execute Commands (like “Terminal” And “Adb Shell”).

Download From Google Play Store

  1. Busybox:- *Requires Rooted Phone*

A Must Have For Any Rooted Phone! Almost Every Rooted Applications Needs Busybox To Perform Their Magic, If You Have A Rooted Phone Then You Need Busybox.

Download From Google Play Store

  1. Droidsheep:- *Requires Rooted Phone*

Droidsheep [root] Is An Android App For Security Analysis In Wireless Networks And Capturing Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin And Other Accounts.

Droidsheep Guard Is Another Android App For Monitoring Androids Arp-table. It Tries To Detect Arp-spoofing On The Network, Such As An Attack By Droidsheep, Faceniff And Other Software.

Please Note :-

Droidsheep Was Developed As A Tool For Testing The Security Of Your Accounts And Is Based On My Bachelor Thesis With Title “session Hijacking On Android Devices”. This Software Is Neither Made For Using It In Public Networks, Nor For Hijacking Any Other Persons Account.

It Should Only Demonstrate The Poor Security Properties Network Connections Without Encryption Have.

So Do Not Get Droidsheep To Harm Anybody Or Use It In Order To Gain Unauthorized Access To Any Account You Do Not Own! Use This Software Only For Analyzing Your Own Security!

Source:- Droidsheep

Download:-Google To Download It , And Droidsheep Guard Available From Google Play Store.



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