How to Hack Website Using Kali linux Tool Nikto

Nikto is a an open source software which acts as a web server scanner which performs multiple tests against web servers for many items which include 6500 potentially dangerous CGIs or files. It also checks for outdated versions of about 1250 servers. It also checks for about the problems on specific servers of about 270 kinds. It checks for server configuration items.

To open up Nikto on Kali Linux:

Kali Linux > Vulnerability Analysis > Misc Scanners > Nikto
Once you have opened up Nikto from the menu, you can see the help options by typing nikto -help

I won’t explain each option in detail as it is self-explanatory.

Now this is how to use it.

1.) If you want to perform a database check then you need to type in nikto -dbcheck

2.)If you want to update your software( which in this case you won’t need to as Kali Linux is not old enough, but you would need to update it in future) then type in nikto -update

3.)Before and after updating the software you can check the version of the software and to do the same you need to type in nikto -Version 

4.) Now if in case you need to find out the plugins then you can type in nikto -list-plugins

5.) Now, the real game, the vulnerability check can be done by typing in the following syntax :

nikto -h <domain name>


for example: nikto -h http://www.anything(domain).com

After that you will be showed a detailed scan and you will also get to know how you will be able to penetrate the website.

for example, you may get a message that shall tell you that Attackers may be able to crash FrontPage by requesting a DOS Device.

By pressing any of the below you can turn on or off the following features even during an active scan.

SPACE – Report current scan status
v – Turn verbose mode on/off
d – Turn debug mode on/off
e – Turn error reporting on/off
p – Turn progress reporting on/off
r – Turn redirect display on/off
c – Turn cookie display on/off
o – Turn OK display on/off
a – Turn auth display on/off
q – Quit
N – Next host
P – Pause

i hope this all usefull to you people keep subsribe me and be in touch for more Articles Thank you .


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