How to Hack Facebook Account without Software and Phishing


Step 1 : -This method may take a little while or may take days considering on how active your “Target” is first you need to have/make 3 facebook accounts and confirm the email on all the accounts, next you need to get all the accountsto add the person (Hopefully they will add you) then

Step 2:- you need to go to their profile and look for their email address after you have got their email log out and go back to the login screen and click “Forgot Password” and the top one will say “Enter your email or phone number” so put in the email and then it will show the email and if they have a phone there phone their next

Step 3:- you need to click “No Longer Have Access to these?” and it will say type in new email and confirm type in a email account that you have not made a facebook account with yet, then after you do this it will pop up their security questions and unless you know this type in something like “Pie123” 3-5 times and it will say something like “The only way to prove that this is your account is to show that your friends know you” and then you will select the 3 accounts you created and added, after this login and get codes and come back type in the codes and the account is your’s!


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