Cybergate Rat Tutorial How to Hack pc using Cybergate Rat

This is one of the good Tutorial..:)

Firstly, Start off by downloading Cybergate RAT:
Download Mirror 1
Download Mirror 2

Now, Go to

Sign Up and everything. now log in and press Add Host


Now name your host to whatever you want.. i will name my host to Just follow theese settings and press Create Host.

Congratulations! You are done with The No-Ip! 🙂

Let’s move on with the Cybergate RAT

Open Up Cybergate.. (Wich you downloaded in the beginning)

Now click Control Center – Start

Click Control Center – Options – Select Listening Ports And Do Following:


Good, You Are Done With The Settings! Now, let’s move on to the Virus Creation :).

Click Control Center – Builder – Create Server. Make a new User named Hacking. Press Ok.

Mark the user “Hacker” And press Forward.

Now you should have something like this;


Press | Port 999 and press Delete..:


After that, Click Add.

Now, A Box should pop up saying: Like this:


Remove everything and change it with the No-ip adress you host you added.. So let’s say you used Change to and the :81.. Since we used port 82, Change :81 to :82, so it should look like this:


But since my No-ip adress was, i have to change it to MY. but i keep the :82…

Now Change the
Identification: remote
Password: cybergate

To This:
Identification: Cyber
Password: 123456

Good! You are now done with that :). Let’s move on to “Installation”

Use the Exact same settings as i do. :


Good, We Skip Message. We Skip Keylogger. In the Anti Debug Have everything checked

In The Build Server: Use Google Chrome Passes and UPX.. (Makes the server smaller)

And press Create Server. Good, You do now have your RAT server complete!

If your RAT doesent work. check following things:

Non-Connecting RATs

1. You are properly port-forwarded if using a router.
2. You have the No-IP Client installed and running.
3. Your DNS entries are correctly spelled when building your server.
4. The password in Listening Ports and the password your server uses are identical.
5. You are Listening on the correct ports.
6. Your Firewall is letting connections through on the port you’re listening on.
7. Your server is added to excluded files in your Antivirus and Firewall.
8. Your server injects explorer.exe instead of the default browser.

How to port forward..

Go to and lookup your Router, there shall be a guide on how to port forward on it :). and if you are on a modem.. then you don’t need to port forward.

Enter Start – Run . Command. Type Ipconfig

In the “Standard Gateway”, That is your Router IP. Type that into your web browser. Log in, And Port forward port: 82

Restart your router and you are done! :).. Just send the RAT Server to any slave OUTSIDE your network.

Hope you enjoyed watching this tutorial & i wish you all the best with your victims 😉

Disclaimer : – it is strictly for education purposes only.


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