Let’s begin off by understanding what is this process of Ratting.

What is RAT?
RAT stands for Remote Access Tool. It allows to access a system remotely without having physical access to the system. It is basically a service that is available in Windows OS known as remote services. It is used to connect to the network system remotely. Simple Remote Desktop Connection and RADIUS servers are the two common methods of doing this.
So we will exploit this service to get unauthorized access. There are many famous tools that allows us to do the following like blackshades, crybergate, cerberus, turkojan etc.
So here we will be discussing about cybergate.

So how will cybergate work?
In cybergate you can create servers (infected exes). If you victim opens this file you will be able to RAT him.

Will the server(infected file) that I create will be picked up by Anti-Virues?
Yes, it will be. You will need to crypt is using a crypter or use other methods like Hexing.

Oki so lets get to the practical part:-

So lets create the no-ip account first.

I – Create No-IP Account:-
[spoiler]1) Goto and register and account.
2) Login to your account.
3) Click on this 
4) Keep the same setting as in the picture. And click on create host.
5) Now goto 
this page and download the no-ip client.
6) Open the downloaded client and install it.
7) Open the installed No-IP Duc client.
8) Now give in your login details and you will see the created host.
9) Remove the checkbox and again check it.
10) Minimize your no-ipduc

Remember you always need to open your no-ip client and click the check box to get   smiley whenever you are going to control your RATs.[/spoiler]

II – Port Forwarding:-
[spoiler]What is Port Forwarding?
Ans:- Port forwarding or port mapping is the forwarding of a TCP/IP packet in a network address translator gateway to a predetermined network (which will be our No-IP Account)

a) The hard way but better if you need to learn.

1) Find out your gateway.
2) Goto Start—-> Run
3) Type in “cmd”
4) Now type “ipconfig” and click enter
5) And you will get the gateway IP.
6) Now type the gateway IP in your web browser.
7) It will ask for username and password.
8) You can find your username and password from a sticker behind your router. Most of the time the user and pass will be “admin”.
9) After successful login to your router you will be able to see options for portfowarding.
10) Forward port “100” to your local IP.

If you need some more help to do this you need to goto this link and select your router and check for a tutorial there.

To check whether port “100” is open. Goto this link and type in port 100 and check the result.

III – Creating a server:-
1) Close your anti-virus. Since this type of virus/trojan builders are detected by anti-viruses as a false positive.
2) Download 
this link.
3) Unrar/Decompress it and open “CyberGate v1.07.5.exe”
4) Wait for 20 seconds untill the disclaimer notice is scrolled over.
5) Click on Control Center and click “Start”.
6) A box will pop up. Give the settings as in the picture below
7) If any Windows Firewall box pops up click “Allow access”.
8) Goto Control Center —–> Builder —-> Create Server.
9) A new box pops up. Click “Add User”. Type in a username.
10) Double click the created username.
11) Follow the below pic.
12) Follow this pic.
13) Follow the next pic
14) Follow the below pic.

So you created a server binded to some file. [/spoiler]

IV – Crypting the created server:-
[spoiler]The server that you created will be detected by lots of anti-viruses. You need to get it FUD (Fully UnDetectable) by crypting it with a crypter or by using other methods like hexing.

Iam not going in detail about it on this thread. You could buy a good FUD crypter and crypt your server which will be the easy method.[/spoiler]

V – Spread your server:-
[spoiler]Now its all set, you need to spread the server.
Youtube – YouTube is a video sharing website on which users can upload and share videos, millions of people are online… Now , make a video bout a crack , like For Adobe Photoshop , VB.Net , Teamviewer ,(These were just the examples) or any Games , then get your virus FUD(recommended) and Make a video and post. Now ,i know alot of people do this , but they dont do 1 thing right. SPreading the video.

How to do this???

GO to and click on Videos , then click on Most Viewed , and then choose All Time

Then go to every single video that has alot of views and post this:

Wow look what i found click on my name and watch the video , it will get ur free shit etc etc.. .

Then you will get loads of people infected.

2.Torrents – This is the most effective way. First you need a torrent client, I use uTorrent, because it’s the easiest.Once you get your torrent client, Get some fake stuff , like Steam games Keygen or Cracks or w/e and then put them in a .rar file and put the keylogger on it. (BIND IT) . Now you gotta create the torrents.OpenuTorrent , and then go to File -> Create New Torrent And add your .rar file on it, okay so now trackers are needed… These are some good ones:

Then click START SEEDING. Now ..CLick Create -> Save AS… and save anywhere u want
After you saved , go to, Register and upload your torrent

3.Chat Rooms – This is slow but you get adult people ( You can get credit cards and paypals from this). First of all , go to any chat room from any of these below:


And then , upload your file to any free file hosting such as sharesend and then go to chat rooms , and start spamming “16/F/uk huge boobs wanna see my naked pics ? go here <insert link> and tell me if u like it!!


Spam this:

Add me on msn will send u naked pics of me <ur msn here>imhornyyy xxx
And after they add u send link from there ( this is a better method than the first one .. but this is a lil boring)

4.Forums – I used to do this when i first started using keyloggers , it was pretty fun actually.  CRACK:cool:

First you go to any gaming forum such as and create a new thread with the name “Free All In One CrossFire HACK” and then post a fake virus scan of ur file and put download link , you will get alot of 12-17 years old kids who play all day RPG games…

5.Impersonating Microsoft – This one doesnt work very well , but you can use this for targeting. First of all go to and make a email… then , add someone you want on that msn and tell him : A new virus has been detected , for your safety , we need you to download this file < LINK> or else your computer may be in danger.

Hope this tutorial was helpful, any queries then post it.

Disclaimer : – it is for education purposes only.


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