How To Create You Own Run Commands

In today tutorial i show you how to create your own run commands.I hope you know what is run command ,if you don’t then it’s a command that you enter in the Run window to open a specific program. But why we need to create own Run commands.It save time to search program and secondly it cleans your desktop from shortcuts you just need to enter shortcut name in rum command to open that specific program.So without wasting time let see how to do this..

1.) Rename the shortcut name of your program to your desired name this name will be used to open it from Run .

2.)I have CCleaner shortcut on my screen and i have renamed it to different name (See image below).

3.)Now copy your modified shortcut to C:\Windows. After Copying it Windows folder you can delete shortcut from the desktop (See image below).


4.)That’s it now enter your desired shortcut name to Run window to open your desired program (See below image) as per our tutorial my shortcut name is cc.


Finally hit enter and your desired program will open.I hope you like my post and keep visiting my blog if you have and query you can do comments.


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