How to Change Windows Start Buttons Text With Resource Hacker

Have you wanted to change the old start button text on Windows Xp start button to a different word of your choice? well this is the article to read!



Download resource hacker. Type this in your address bar with out the quotes. “”. then click downloads on top of the page. then type in the search box without quotes: “resource hacker” then press enter. Scroll down and click download next to resource hacker.



Make a copy of explorer. Open the start menu on the bottom on the screen. Click my computer. navigate to: C:>( If you get search, type in on the top of the screen address bar, “c:/” without quotes)WINDOWS>Explorer.exe. right click on explorer.exe and click copy. Go to your desktop and right click on it, then click paste.



Change the program. Open resource hacker, then click “open” in the file menu on the top. click on explorer.exe on your desktop.

  • Click string table, 37. then the first text on the line will be “start”. change “start” to what ever you want it to be. But keep the quotes.


  • Then click “Compile script” Then go to file> save as… save as explorerhack.exe.




Change the registry. Now go to start>Run… then type in “regedit”. then navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>MICROSOFT>WINDOWS NT>CURRENTVERSION>WINDOWSLOGIN. Then scroll down to shell. double click on it, then type in explorerhack.exe.



See the changes. Log off, then log on. You will see your text!

have phunn!!!!!!!!


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