Corrupt and Damaged video Run easily

Video files are corrupted or Damage!
What to see stories like this???  media player or video LAN player will not open this file!
Repeal lose quality if the original!
So what do you do now??
Download a new or re-new CD / DVD is a must buy!

There are solutions to all problems.
Also apply.


Please download the software SMPlayer:

2. Install.

3 .This software will be downloaded in order to install its own code .On the Net connection left to install it.


4 .The first is a corrupted video in Windows Media Player and Video Lan Player (VLC) also try to run .Get your own message .While video LAN player has the option to repair but it does not really work .

  1. open the SMPlayer.

6 .Corrupt video file directly to the program brought up on drugs or in front File\u003e Open command to open the corrupted video .

  1. playing the file!
  1. You can also take screenshots and clicking cameras .( Video files are generally not taken screenshots)

Another feature of the program is the Auto subtitles .It will be the subtitle menu, click Find subtitles on command .


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