How To Hide Drives in Windows


Did you know you can secure the data on the hard disk drives by hiding or locking them. In Windows, use the steps below to do just that

1.Go to run .
2.Type “diskpart“.
3.Type “List volume“.
4.Now select the volume you want to hide by typing “select volume n“(n is the volume number against the drive you want to hide).
eg: select volume 2.
5.Type “revome letter x“(x is the drive name).eg: remove letter D.
Done, now check my computer .
If you want to show the drive again then repeat step 1 to 4 then type “assign letter x”.
Note :
**Dont try with drive C **
** If you have locked something with Folderlock or other software then after assigning the drive everything will be unlocked ;)**



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