How to Delete Old Facebook Content From your Profile

Exfoliate is an application for Android phones which can sweep content from Facebook which you have posted about one/two year ago. You can choose the content like status updates, photos, likes and many more that you want to remove from your timeline. You also remove all the posts that you had posted on your friends wall in past. If you are active user on facebook then it may take long time to clean all your activities.


Clean My Wall is JavaScript that run runs only in the Mozilla Firefox browser. To delete all your old Facebook content you have to follow following steps:

  1. First of all you have to Remove Facebook Timeline your account.
  2. Now after removing Facebook timeline Bookmark Clean My Wall JavaScript and

add it to your Favourites.

  1. Click on the favourite created in second step.
  2. Now window will pop-up asking you from where you want to remove your

posts. Select the number from the drop down list and click on GO button.

  1. That’s it! Be careful while deleting your old facebook content because once deleted it cannot be recovered back.



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