Getting Administrative Powers From A User Using Cmd

This is an easy way to get Administrator privileges on a restricted network. This is ideal for a school or work setting.
DISCLAIMER: This is only on the computer that you do the procedure on, not the whole network. So you ask, Why is way? Well it is virtually undetectable to the tech guys. Since you will be creating a new user on that computer it would require them to come on that computer specifically in order to get rid of it. It also requires no outside programs or knowledge really. The pics are help along the way

The Code

First you will need Command Prompt. To do this hit “Windows key+R”. Then type “cmd” in the pop up box.

Then it pops up with the black command prompt.

Type in “net user (user) password\add ” But change the (user) to what the user name of the account you would like and password to your password. I change to tennsoccerdr.

You should get a reply saying that it created successfully.

Then type “net localgroupAdmninstrators (user) \add”
And your done! This allows you to download and run programs where you could not earlier.


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