Blocking Facebook On Your Computer

In this tutorial i will teach you to specifically block facebook on your computer. This might be helpfull if you want to prevent students from using facebook in school and colleges or your employees in office. If you are parent and don’t want you child to use facebook or any other particular site then follow simple steps given below. So lets get started.

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How To Block Facebook ?


  1. Go to Start > Programmes > Accesories
  2. Then Right click on Notepad and Run it as administrator.
  3. Now open host file by clicking on File > Open and locate to following address


  1. Then just below

    # localhost

paste folowing code


    # Blocking Facebook

  1. Now save the host file and done.


  1. Open any browser and try to open facebook. It won’t open. If facebook opens then you might have done somthing wrong. (let me know if you face any problem)

Blocking Other Website

If you want to block website other then facebook then change facebook address with whatever website you want to block. For example: to block google paste following code below # localhost


    # block google



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